About us

Camping is for everybody!


What kind of company is TravelTent ?

TravelTent is a young company with a unique concept in tent rental. We make it possible to rent a ‘mobile’ tent including all the camp gear you need. With our TravelTent camp gear you can go anywhere you want, you’re not stuck to a campsite with an equipped tent. In this way, you are able to enjoy the freedom of camping and experience the real adventure!

Our goal is to make camping accessible and affordable so everyone can experience the joy of camping.

TravelTent ensures you of high quality camp gear without any hassle. Whether it will be your first time camping or when you are an experienced camper, we offer everything you need for the perfect camping holiday. And all of that for a friendly price!

Who are we?

We are Eric Wijnen and Judith Moesker, founders of TravelTent. We both grew up camping with our parents throughout the Netherlands and Europe. That’s when our love for camping, travelling and outdoor has begun. Last year we decided to use this enthusiasm and make camping accessible and affordable for everyone.

Eric’s a real outdoorsman. He studied forest- and nature management and worked as a sheepherder. After that, he worked as a location manager and travel guide for a young travel organisation. For about ten years, he works at various camping and outdoor stores. He became a specialist in outdoor clothing and camping materials.
Judith loves travelling, sports and adventure. Since five years she works as a nurse. As from her work, she’s used to social intercourse and coordinate. In her free time you’ll find her running or cycling. Also , she likes to be creative.

Together, we’ve camped already a lot and we are a solid and happy base for TravelTent!

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And who are you?

We wonder how you are! Are you excited to go camping after visiting our website? Or do you have any questions or suggestions? Do not hesitate and e-mail or call us! We’re willing to think along and answer your questions.

Phone: +31 6 33836139           E-mail: info@traveltent.nl